​​Harmony Salon

​​​​​* We are one of Utah's select few (or only) salons that caters to those with "celiac disease and gluten sensitivities".  We strive to only use and sell gluten free products on and to the public.

My Story

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in April 2017.  Because of that lifestyle change, I have felt a need to make my life healthier in all way.  I have expanded this to including my work environment.  By doing so I hope to be able to help the needs of those wanting a safe and healthy environment to get their hair done.

Skincare Products:

Repachage- The owner of the company has Celiac Disease and they have amazing high end skincare products.  

Harmony Skincare-Is a private label skincare line that I carry and have used for about 8_ years, and I have received their list of gluten free products that I carry in my salon.


Meet Matt Hughs- Lip Stains

Repachage Foundations

Sorme Treatment make-up

Haircare Products:

Kenra- I carried a great deal of Kenra Haircare products, they are superior to most of the professional products sold in salons, they claim their products are pharmacuetical grade. I have a list of which ones are safe for gluten intolerance issues.

Pravana's Nevo Haircare products are all gluten free.

Lanza-the whole line is gluten free and amazing, the best I have used in the industry.

Lanza's healing Haircare products

I use their color and Pravana which is also gluten free.

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